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Staff Well-being Scheme
It is not a buzzword at Wings but it is our first priority. Apart from staff welfare practices such as hospitalization insurance and outpatient subsidy, we also offer a series of work-life balance programme.

We also understand the importance to share the different life stages of our staffs and are pleased to offer paternity leave alongside with marriage leave.


Family Friendly Enterprise
Wings hire part-time working mothers who do not want to give up their career while having family commitments.


Harmonious and Healthy Working Environment
A dedicated Recreation Committee from different departments to promote an employee-friendly environment. Regular in-house and out-of-the-company recreation functions are organized for staff and their family members to enhance staff relationship.


Workplace Training & Recreations
To help staff to ease their pressure at work, seminars are organized to educate staff ways to face work pressure and practice occupational exercise during work.

Passed events examples included but not limited to providing staff with travel bonus which they could enjoy with their family members and the establishment of a team budget for both team building activities and training purpose like wine tasting class and art jamming.

A happy workforce is more productive and brings success for all.


Employee Long


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