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The Wings teams work seamlessly like a human body, none of an individual part can survive alone without the support of the other like each parts of a body plays equal important role.


Brain: The management team work as the brain of the Wings team. Management keeps the heart pumping blood, gives muscles voluntary control, and provides memory and thought. It also helps Wings to see its vision and sense the needs of the team.


Hands: The business management team plays an important role to facilitate customers' business growth that sustains corporate growth. The “hands” keep on stretching to different markets and grasping every business opportunity.


Stomach: The product management team helps in digesting customer's requirements and decodes it into pragmatic products. It offers comprehensive product engineering, marketing and quality assurance services.


Nervous System: The supply chain management team work as the nervous system, transferring signals to the related supplier ensuring the understanding of customer's requirement. It also connect different functions together from logistic to warehousing to assure the body keeps up with external and internal environment and delivers quality goods to our customer on-time.


Liver: The liver is one of the critical human organs for survival and detoxification like the operation management team in take care of the operation workflows streamline in achieving operation excellence. Any unnecessary workflows and red tape will be screened out by the operation management team which develops the most lean and efficient operation in ensuring an effective technology and office administration system.


Heart: The human resource management team placed as the heart of the company. Not only does it provide vital support in motivating Wings people, it also provides rhythm to the Wings body. As staff is our greatest asset, human resources management has an essential work in uplifting staff's competencies to sustain corporate performance and competitive advantage.


Blood: There are many functions brought by the blood cell and most important of all, it supplies the Human Body with all the nutrients, namely $$$. The financial management team provides professional financial and accounting services to achieve sustainable healthy financial position of Wings.


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