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Eco-Friendliness at work
We support the development of healthy environment and cherish the resources for future generations.

As an award-winning organization which focuses on practicing our pledge in protecting the environment, we have instilled various environmental responsibilities into our business operations.

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"Environmental Friendly Scheme - Environment Commitment" Programme
We encourage staff to execute eco-friendliness at work and even at home. An internal "Environmental Friendly Scheme - Environment Commitment" programme was introduced to further promote environmental awareness among employees. Rewards are given to the best performing staff and team biannually.

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Reused & Recycle
In our office, over 90% of the envelopes are reused and over 70% of our packaging materials are actually recyclable paper containers. Some are made as trays and placed around our office for collecting unwanted reusable items, including papers, samples, written-off computers and accessories. They are sorted before transferring to recyclers.

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Energy Saving
We reduce energy usage in our office when ever possible. Lights, air conditioners and office electric equipment in main office are switched off during lunch hour for energy saving. Moreover, traditional fluorescent lights are replaced by higher energy efficiency fluorescent lights.


Our endeavours bring us a series of awards from recognizable parties, for more details please visit "Our Pride".



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